The "Donald Trump" Lesson

I, Like most people, laughed when I first discovered Donald Trump was actually attempting to run for President of this great nation. I thought it was a joke. "How could someone like Trump run this country?" I constantly asked. To make matters worse, his "Ratchet" tweets became more and more outrageous during and after his campaign. I remember laughing with my husband about the possibility of people actually voting for him. Even up until November, we thought it was a ploy to ensure that Hillary became president. We just couldn't believe someone so unqualified had a chance to obtain such a job. I must admit, I was very disappointed. I felt ill feelings towards any of my "Friends" who supported him. The more I thought about it, I slowly came to the realization that we are all entitled to our own opinions. The truth is, WE can support who we want to support!

While I don't agree with MOST of what Donald Trump say or do, I have to admit.....I learned a lot through his race to Presidency. It's January 29, 2017, and I still laugh at the thought....but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how much we can learn from him!

President Trump taught me that anything is possible!!! The very thing we laughed at and joked about ended up becoming our country's reality. A man who was deemed unqualified for this job was honored with the title of President of The United States. That is HUGE!!! All personal feelings aside, that alone reminded me that we can NEVER underestimate our opponent!

In the midst of our disappointment, God keeps reminding me that even if I am viewed as incapable and unqualified by man, I can STILL go after those dreams and goals that I desire. I want to encourage everyone reading this to get up and go after those things you have been hoping and wishing for! Don't focus on those around you who may have more experience, more education, and more connections....focus on what's in front of you!! Focus on your dreams!!! God can make the impossible possible...even if no one else agrees with it!!!

Now, what he decides to do with this new huge responsibility is totally up to him. We don't know why God allowed him to become President. I do know that God WILL get the glory out of it though! Because I am a praying woman, putting my personal opinions to the side, I can only pray and hope that God pours Godly wisdom into him, cause him to submit to the voice of God, and force him to make wise decisions for the betterment of this country. We can't control what President Trump decides to do, but we can control what WE do!! Are we going to sit back and complain the entire 4 years...or are we going to get up and go after those things we want. We can no longer blame others for our shortcomings. God has shown us that all things are, what are you going to do with those possibilities?!

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