Coloring Outside of the Line.

In grade school we are taught how to write a certain way, draw a certain way, color a certain way......act a certain way. Society teaches us that we ought to act like everyone else in order to be "good enough".

Somehow, being different is frowned upon.

I've never been that good at coloring. No matter how much I tried, my colors would make their way outside of the lines. I would look over to another student's paper, and their paper always seemed so neat and so "pretty". My teacher would tell other students how beautiful their coloring was. She would look at my paper and just quickly look away. It was at the moment that I felt as if what I had to offer wasn't good enough.

From a very young age, I became aware of how things worked. I spent a lot of my teenage years and early 20's trying to color inside of the lines called life. Like most young people, I wanted to be liked and accepted by others. My journey to being accepted would result in a lot of misfortunes and regrets. A couple of years ago I had an epiphany. I finally realized that the woman God called me to be could not thrive in that place called Average. I finally became okay with coloring outside of the lines.

While everyone may not accept what you have to offer, someone will. We can't focus on those who do not approve of us....we can only learn to appreciate those who do.

You will do yourself an injustice trying to fit in when you've been chosen to Stand Out! God called us to be different.

There is beauty in Coloring Outside of the Lines.

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