Purpose Through CANcer!

I remember it like it was yesterday. Hearing the words, "You have Cancer" are three words that no one expect to hear, especially when there were no "signs" of cancer before the diagnosis. Looking back at May of 2017, I am so grateful for the blood, for if it wasn't for the blood (literally) my cancer wouldn't have been discovered until it was much too late!! At that moment I didn't know how to feel. My initial thoughts were, "My life is too busy for cancer....how would this change me?....what about my job?" I was afraid of the unknown. I left the doctor's office still shaken by the news, and still somewhat confused. I wanted to keep my diagnosis a secret because I felt ashamed AND scared! My sweet husband had a hard time accepting the news, and I saw the hurt in his eyes as he tried his best to portray strength. After my initial feelings of fear, defeat, shame and sadness, I was quickly reminded of the God I serve. We serve a perfect God who doesn't make mistakes! He allows us to go through things because it is through those hardships that our destiny is made clear. At the beginning of this journey, God told me to pay attention to the process. I remember telling my husband that we have to be very careful of what we speak AND who we allow into our ear gates. We have to be intentional about seeing God in each and every step. It is through our hardships that we are molded into the people we are destined to be. Without pain we wouldn't be able to discover our purpose! God continues to show us signs that He is in this, and I refuse to miss Him! My purpose is being birth out of my process!!

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