Giving up is Not an Option!!

At times it seems like nothing in life goes the way you want it to go. You apply for your dream job....DENIED! You apply for that credit card....DENIED! You attempt to save money.....More unexpected bills appear! You TRY to have a positive attitude, and someone does something to piss you off! Loved ones die unexpectedly; children don't seem to want to behave; and the supervisor on your job seems to have it out for you! The truth is, sometimes life seem to SUCK, and everything that could go wrong decides to go wrong at the SAME TIME!

When that happens, we automatically become overwhelmed, and then we begin questioning God and our own purpose for living. We can't see the "light" at the end of the tunnel, and we quickly revert back to those old attitudes and behaviors that we swore to God we would permanently turn away from.

I know all too well how you feel! I've been there, and I wanted to give up myself. During those moments, I didn't realize God wanted me to learn a lesson from everything I was going through; I didn't understand that God was allowing all of that "stuff" to happen to get my attention. I can be honest and say that in the midst of enjoying my life I became complacent and comfortable, and I put both God and my assignment on the back burner. I felt like I had "arrived" and I didn't need God anymore; when in fact I needed him more than ever before!


When it seemed like all hell was breaking loose around me, I knew exactly what I needed to do! I needed to Refocus, Repent, and Redirect my priorities! I had allowed the comfort of life to become my god, and my life was headed in a direction outside of God's Will.

I needed to make changes immediately! Once I began to make the needed changes, I started seeing things differently. God slowly started changing my attitude and my perspective, and He began giving me the wisdom I needed to deal with the things that came my way. However, it wasn't until I made the decision to change! God was waiting on me all along!!!!


Now, at times, unfortunate things WILL happen in life, but you can't give up! Everything won't go our way, and we WILL have moments where we may feel like we are getting close to the "edge". However, it is in those moments that you have to remember Who and Whose you are! You have to take a step back and ask God to show you the error of your ways! The truth is God would never allow things to happen to punish you, but He will allow it to happen to get your attention or to teach you a lesson.

When life gets hard please remember: You CAN'T give up; you CAN'T throw in the towel! When you are feeling the pressure of life, it is at that moment that you have to make the decision to Stand...even when you don't feel like standing!!! Giving up makes you a Victim! Seeking God for direction makes you a Victor!! Choose Victory!!!

Your Best Life Awaits You!!

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